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Manawa Manuka Honey MG100 500g

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Manawa's Mānuka MG100+ Honey is a GOLD medal winner in the London Honey Awards and the NZ Outstanding Food Producers in 2021.
Judges described it as a ‘beautiful product’ with ‘unique characteristics’ and ‘release of flavours as it melts’. Their customers tell us it is the best!

Manuka Honey can be graded by the amount of Methyglyoxal (MG or MGO mg per kilo of Honey). This is said to help promote well being and healing. 

Manawa: Honey From the Heart
Were from Ruatāhuna at the Heart of Māui's Fish - The North Island of New Zealand. The purest place on earth. Ruatāhuna is located in the heart of remote untouched indigenous forests known as Te Urewera which is the homeland of our tribe Tūhoe. Thus, Ruatāhuna is a place of great significance in our world – the cradle of our tribe, the heart of our homeland.

Manawa Honey NZ was founded by the Tūhoe Tuawhenua Trust which holds 9000 hectares of bush-clad lands about Ruatāhuna. We aim to sustainably manage the land and resources of our region for the benefit of current and future generations. Manawa Honey NZ is part of our programme of developing enterprises that create jobs for our people which brings prosperity for our people in Ruatāhuna. We also run a range of other programmes such as research into our forest ecosystems and traditional knowledge or mātauranga.