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Suffrage 125 Sterling Silver and Amethyst Pendant

  • $185.00

Elegance with meaning.

Make a statement while celebrating and supporting Suffrage 125 with this commemorative piece designed by The Village Goldsmith for Te Puna Foundation.

This pendant is crafted in sterling silver and set with a violet coloured amethyst gemstone – the colour adopted by the women’s suffrage petitioners as it represented dignity and self-respect. The rippling lines of sterling silver are inspired by both the white camellia, which was worn by people supporting women’s right to vote in New Zealand, and the curves and contours of Wellington’s award-winning He Tohu exhibition ‘waka huia’ treasure box within which the 1893 Suffrage Petition is now housed. The design allows light to pass through and bounce off the open folds of silver, reflecting the purple hues of the amethyst gemstone at the heart of these pieces.

The pendant comes on a 45cm sterling silver chain.

Proceeds from your purchase are donated to Te Puna Foundation’s General Fund to support the National Library of New Zealand as they continue to share knowledge and preserve our heritage for future generations.

Te Puna Foundation and Village Goldsmith

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