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Mīharo Wonder - Temple of Flora: A colouring book of flowers, magic and wonder

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Temple of Flora was created by Dr Robert John Thornton in 1812.
It is based around 33 sumptuously illustrated colour plates created by the most prominent artists of the time.

In this book we include seven plates for you to colour, inviting you on a botanical adventure from Egypt to the Americas and beyond!

Looking for wonder
Mīharo Wonder is the result of a sustained encounter with the collections, and is both a personal and curatorial response to them.

It reflects the passions of Alexander Turnbull, merchant and collector, and acknowledges the generosity of thousands of subsequent donors. It is indebted to the record of scholarly and imaginative enquiry into the meaning of the library’s collections.

‘Wonder’ is many things: astonishment, the piquing of curiosity, a question raised – but it comes only through our willingness to be transported to other times, places and perspectives.