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Keyring - Early Morning Cat

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Mayo, Eileen Rosemary (Dame), 1906-1994. 
Calling on the natural world around her for inspiration, Eileen Mayo's extraordinary skill with line, colour and composition made her one of Britain's foremost print artists in 1930s London, where she exhibited alongside the likes of Claude Flight, Sybil Andrews and Cyril Power. Mayo left it all behind when, in 1953, she abandoned London for Sydney then Christchurch, each move generating a new body of work.

Image on Keyring:
A ginger cat seated on a fence, licking its back paw. Behind it are trees, a suburban street, houses and gardens.
Original Image: Silk screen print, 591 x 364 mm, 1981.
No. 40, p. 115 in Margaret Taylor's listing of the collection