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NZ Birds - Art Print

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12 birds in a line up and only one looks guilty!
Some of our most well know birds a represented in this gorgeous print.
I started drawing native birds about six months ago, looking for something to draw that had curved rather than straight lines. I wanted to see how far you could reduce the silhouette of each bird into simple, flat shapes – no lines or perspective, just colour against colour. More like a symbol for each bird. It’s fascinating once you start to compare the shapes of each head and beak.”

Hamish Thompson
Hamish Thompson is a Wellington-based graphic artist specialising in symbol, identity and information design.
Hamish studied graphic design at University of Canterbury School of Fine Arts and in Switzerland at the Basel School of Design. He taught graphic design in the US and worked as a designer for the National Library and Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa.
Hamish enjoys working on a diverse range of projects, including book design, corporate identities, signage and architectural graphics